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Hospice Gave Our Family 8 More Months with My Father

Through the help of Care Dimensions and the services they provided, my family got to spend eight more months with my father, time we didn’t think we were going to have.
  - Brenda Nikas-Hayes

My father, Ernie Nikas, was an amazing human being. He worked hard, served his country, and was dedicated to his family and the community. Last year, while in Florida for the winter, Dad developed a life-threatening infection. He was living with cancer but it was the infection that landed in him in the hospital and sapped him of his energy. The doctors recommended hospice care.

We called Care Dimensions

One of the first things we did was to call Care Dimensions. They told us that when we got back to Massachusetts everything would be ready for my father’s arrival. They secured a hospital bed, oxygen, commode and more. We hired a medical transport unit and 24 hours later were delivered to my parents’ doorstep.

It was a chaotic time; full of uncertainty and sadness. My father and mother prepared for their final weeks together. Relatives and close friends were contacted so they could come and say goodbye. My parents were hoping for a pain-free time, where Dad could focus on quality of life and remain at home.

But our goodbyes had to wait. Thanks to the help of Care Dimensions clinicians who adjusted his medications and vigilantly monitored his condition, and Dad’s sheer determination, he slowly began to get his strength back. The Care Dimensions social worker brought him books of interest to allow him time to reminisce. He pleasantly surprised us all by living and enjoying another eight months of life.

During those eight months, my parents were able to make a return trip to Florida to see friends and neighbors, attend a family reunion and enjoy quality time together.

For my family, the beauty of working with Care Dimensions was that the team allowed my parents to make the decisions that were important to them. They were able to accept as much or as little support as they wanted, all based on my father’s condition and needs.

I truly believe that my father got more time because Care Dimensions was a part of this journey with our family. 

For the compassionate and expert medical care they provided to my father and the care and support they gave to my mother and entire family, I am now and will always be grateful to Care Dimensions.

Help create more moments like this

Across Eastern Massachusetts, more than 1,000 people a day depend on the compassionate expertise that Care Dimensions provides to hospice patients, regardless of their ability to pay. Your support helps give comfort to patients like Ernie and assurances to their families. Please make a tax-deductible gift today.

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