Care Dimensions: Podcast: Complementary Therapies Enhance Well-Being at End of Life

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Podcast: Complementary Therapies Enhance Well-Being at End of Life

Posted on April 2, 2020 by Mia Buscone

In this episode of the Care Dimensions Learning Institute's podcast of Living Forever, Not an Option, our hosts, Lyn Skarmeas and Mary Crowe identify the different types of complementary therapies that have shown to improve the overall sense of well-being of individuals with serious or advanced illness.

Lyn and Mary discuss the complementary therapy resources that Care Dimensions offers to patients, inlcuding music therapy, pet therapy, massage therapy, reiki  and expressive art therapy. Each form of therapy may help to promote relaxation, decrease pain and anxiety, and enhance the quality of a person’s life.

Complementary therapies are just that, a complement to conventional medicine. While not all hospices offer complementary therapies, Care Dimensions has invested in and offered them for many years because of the numerous benefits they provide. Care Dimensions cares for the “whole person” including spirit, mind and body, and complementary therapies are another resource to enhance the patient experience. Complementary therapies not only have a positive impact on patients, but also benefit families and caregivers. For the family member, oftentimes seeing the impact that a complementary therapy has on their loved one adds another layer of reassurance that they are being cared for in all ways possible. This in turn may help them during the grieving process by knowing that their loved one had great quality care at the end of their life.

Lyn and Mary discuss how complementary therapies not only help with physical pain, but also with the emotional, spiritual and psychological pain that can occur when living with an advanced illness. Care Dimensions has found that art, music, pet, massage and reiki therapies have been extremely beneficial and Mary and Lyn hope that this episode encourages listeners to explore complementary therapy resources that are available.

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About the author:
Mia Buscone is a marketing assistant working with the Care Dimensions Learning Institute.


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