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Step 1 of 4: Guardian & Background Information

We welcome campers aged 6 to 18 to Camp Stepping Stones 2021! Please email if you have any questions.
Registration closes when all spaces are filled; families then will be added to the waitlist.

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Attendee Information

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Guardian Information

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Background Information

Name of the person who died *
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When did the death occur? *
Age of the child (children) at the time of death *
Age of the person who died *
Did your child live with the person who died?*
Was the person a Care Dimensions patient?*
How did the person die? *
Was your child present at the time of death? If yes, please explain.*
What had your child been told about the death?*
Please explain any specific concerns or important information about your child's behavior since the death has occurred. Include any difficulties coping, fears/worries, aggression or isolating behaviors, changes in personality, etc. Please include information for each child attending.
Has your child experienced any other deaths? If yes, please list who and when.*
The following events could also be associated with, or can complicate, a loss. Please check all that apply. If any of these pertain to a specific child, please detail the issues in the notes section below.
Temporary or extended separation of parents or divorce
Diagnosed with special needs, learning disability, illness
Prolonged illness of a family member or close friend
Death of a pet
Moving to a new home, school or neighborhood
Parent/caregiver marriage/remarriage
History of physical/emotional abuse
Change in routine, caregivers or adult role models
Break-up of friendship or boyfriend/girlfriend
Failing a class or grade in school
Being the victim or witness of a crime
Going into foster care or moving to a new foster care home
Consistently difficult relationship with siblings, parent/caregiver, teachers
Unplanned job loss of a parent or caregiver
Arrival of a new family member (birth, adoption, new person) into the home
Other changes or losses:

Thank you for helping us to understand your child's circumstances better. All information is confidential and will only be shared with Camp Stepping Stones staff.

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