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Education and Resources for Healthcare Professionals

In collaboration with members of the medical community, Care Dimensions has earned its respected reputation as a leader in the field of hospice and palliative care. In additional to being a first-choice referral site, Care Dimensions has also become a go-to resource for practitioners seeking information and advanced training on end-of-life issues.

Our comprehensive educational offerings, specifically designed for professionals, provides over 70 courses and covers a wide range of relevant topics. These courses help professionals gain a deeper understanding of the ideology behind hospice and palliative care practice.


In addition, Care Dimensions can supply healthcare professionals with tools and resources to better understand when to refer a patient for hospice or palliative care, such as:

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For a full listing of all topics or to arrange an educational program, please contact Mary Crowe, Director of Professional and Community Education, at 888-283-1722 or email

Since 1978, Care Dimensions has provided comprehensive and compassionate care for individuals and families dealing with life-threatening illnesses. As the non-profit leader in advanced illness care, we offer services in more than 95 communities in Eastern Massachusetts.