Pediatric Hospice

Specialized Care

Surrounding Families with Care and Support

Childhood is precious, no matter how long it may be. At Care Dimensions, we cherish our youngest patients – infants, children and adolescents living with life-threatening illnesses – and surround them with expert medical care and nurturing support.

Our specialized pediatric program, led by a board-certified physician specializing in hospice and palliative care, provides family-centered services at home and in the community.  We offer 24/7 support so that children and caregivers can focus on what’s most important – living every day to the fullest and enjoying their time together.

Multidimensional Care

We have an open access philosophy that allows pediatric patients to continue receiving curative treatments while enrolled in hospice care, with an additional focus on relieving symptoms and managing pain. Families also can continue to receive block nursing and home health assistance from other providers.

Each child receives an individualized care plan reflecting the medical, nursing, psychosocial and spiritual needs of the patient and family. Our services include:

  • Physician and nurse visits at home or in the hospital
  • 24/7 support for questions and nursing visits
  • Home delivery of medications and equipment
  • Coordination with the child’s physician and other health care providers
  • Kaplan House for respite care or acute symptom management has a specialized pediatric suite. Family members can stay overnight and visitors are welcome any time
  • Guidance in navigating community resources
  • Child life specialist to help with expressing emotions
  • Emotional and spiritual support
  • Caregiver education
  • Complementary and expressive therapies for comfort and relaxation
  • Grief support

Download our Pediatric Hospice and Palliative Care brochure.

The Fessenden Family's Story

When 7-year-old Riley Fessenden's parents were told that her cancer was not curable, they brought on Care Dimensions' pediatric hospice team immediately.

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Pediatric Hospice Allowed Baby Jordan to Live His Life to the Fullest

Jenna and Paul Clapp made the hard decision to opt for hospice care for their infant son, Jordan.
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Peri-Natal Program

For parents who will give birth to an infant with a life-limiting condition, our peri-natal program offers a bridge from pregnancy to parenthood to bereavement. We partner with the family and their medical team, and develop a care plan that addresses the family’s goals during pregnancy and delivery and following birth. Our pediatric team can transition care to the home, or plan arrangements and memorial services. Grief support is provided to parents and siblings.

Our Pediatric Team

Care Dimensions helps patients and caregivers communicate needs, navigate the healthcare system and plan for the future. Our interdisciplinary team brings together the skills and experience of:

  • Board-certified physician specializing in hospice and palliative care coordinates care with primary pediatrician and specialists
  • Specially trained nurse manages symptoms and pain
  • Hospice aide assists with daily care
  • Certified child life specialist helps child and siblings express emotions through activities
  • Complementary or expressive therapist engages child in art and music
  • Social worker helps patients and families cope with emotional and practical issues
  • Chaplain offers non-denominational spiritual support
  • Grief counselor helps families prepare for death and cope with grief
  • Trained volunteer provides companionship and caregiver relief
Quality and Experience

Since 1978, Care Dimensions has provided comprehensive and compassionate care for individuals and families dealing with life-threatening illnesses. As the non-profit leader in advanced illness care, we offer services in more than 90 communities in Eastern Massachusetts.

Refer a Patient

It is never too soon to learn about our pediatric hospice care and palliative care programs. Anyone can make a referral. Simply call our Referral Center at 888-283-1722 to ask questions or schedule a consultation or fill out our secure online referral form.

Child Life Specialist

Our certified child life specialist provides support to our pediatric patients receiving hospice and palliative care and their siblings. Using age-appropriate activities including books, games, and arts and crafts, the child life specialist helps children talk about their feelings and fears in a safe environment and gives them strategies for coping with their grief and emotions.

Community Support

Thank you to the Cummings Foundation for its support of our pediatric program.

“Don't be afraid of hospice...take advantage of it as soon as you can, so you can focus on what's most important—your family.”

–Kammie Fessenden, mother of pediatric hospice patient