In the News

In the News

September 24, 2015

2015 NHPCO Creative Arts Contest

NHPCO Creative Arts Contest

Care Dimensions was the first place winner in the children's category for photography. 

Jordan's Journey

Jenna and Paul Clapp of North Reading, Massachusetts dreams of starting a family came true when their son Jordan was born September 14, 2013 seemingly perfect in every way. Their first baby, they had no idea that anything was wrong when Jordan presented with low muscle tone at his one month check-up. At two months old, Jordan was diagnosed with Spinal Muscular Atrophy Type 1 (SMA), a genetic disease that causes wasting of all of the body’s muscles and functions, including breathing and swallowing…like ALS. Reeling from the news that their baby only had months to live, Jenna and Paul vowed to make his life as comfortable and joyful as it could be. “Death is not the enemy, suffering is,” said Jenna. “That explains it all. We didn’t want him to suffer. At five months old, Jordan died. In the end, he had a very peaceful death, free from pain and in the arms of his parents.

Since 1978, Care Dimensions has provided comprehensive and compassionate care for individuals and families dealing with life-threatening illnesses. As the non-profit leader in advanced illness care, we offer services in more than 95 communities in Eastern Massachusetts.