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May 9, 2016

Helpful tips for those coping with the loss of a Mother
North Shore Sunday

By Patrice DePasquale / LICSW and Bereavement Counselor for Care Dimensions

As Mother’s Day approaches this may be a challenging time of year for people who have had their mothers pass away, either recently or years ago. As adults, our relationships with our parents often change and mature over time and we may find that we value the relationships more and become friends with our parents. We turn to our moms for comfort, decision-making and reassurance. When a mother dies, people often feel like they have lost their closest ally in life.

If you are coping with the loss of a mother, here are some suggestions as Mother’s Day approaches:

  • Realize that your grief has no time table and that walking past the large and cheerful display of Mother’s Day cards at the grocery store may trigger a painful grief reaction for people who long to spend the day celebrating with their mom.
  • Seek support from others, whether by joining a grief support group or talking with close family and friends about your emotions. This support can validate your feelings and help you process them.
  • Focus on taking care of yourself with the basics, such as eating and sleeping well, exercising and taking time for activities you enjoy. Being kind and patient with yourself can help you to better cope with your feelings of grief.
  • Find ways to honor and commemorate your mother either privately, as a family or in your community. Plant flowers that your mother loved and make a memory garden. Cook one of her recipes to share with friends or visit her favorite restaurant or outdoor venue. Reminisce at family events about happy times from your childhood. These types of activities can help you feel more connected to your mother and allow you to feel that you are continuing a relationship with her.
  • Remember that the gifts our Mothers have given us over the years, such as unconditional love, comfort, and support always remain with us in all we do.

Care Dimensions offers a variety of support groups, including Loss of a Mother and Loss of a Parent, several times a year. For more information, visit, or call 855-774-5100.

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