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In the News

May 17, 2018

Home-Based Hospice Care Offering More Benefits to Those Facing Chronic Diseases and Other Life Challenges
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When people hear the word ‘hospice,’ they have a specific thought in mind. Usually, it involves support for those individuals who are facing the final weeks or even days of their life. However, hospice care can also be beneficial for men and women dealing with chronic diseases and other life challenges.

Many people assume that hospice is just for those who are dying. However, it can also provide tremendous benefit for those dealing with irreversible health issues that make it difficult to live independently. There are a wide range of hospice clinics and facilities across the country, but more and more men and women of all ages are preferring to remain at home, and in-home hospice care is a growing benefit to these individuals as well.

According to The Boston Globe, in the article Hospice has changed, and patients and families are better for it, written by Robin Catalano:

“While hospice has traditionally been associated with making cancer patients comfortable during their final days, it goes far beyond morphine drips and hand-holding. Care Dimensions, which is celebrating its 40th anniversary this year, addresses the many physical and emotional needs of patients with a wide range of terminal illnesses, from congestive heart failure to dementia, Parkinson’s, pediatric illnesses, or, like Woody, respiratory disorders.”

By receiving regular in-home care through hospice and medical treatment, men and women facing a wide range of chronic health issues can receive the right support needed to remain safe and comfortable in their own home environment.

It was also noted:

“Hospice is a broader, more integrated approach to medical care,” says Dr. Stephanie Patel, Care Dimensions’ chief medical officer. “It looks at the big picture: the history of the patient’s medical illness, how it’s affecting their life, and how it’s affecting their family and caregivers. We create a plan to improve the quality of their care and life all around, and we come to them—home, nursing facility, assisted living, hospital, veterans home—wherever they live.””

It is a more integrated approach and, when coupled with the support of home care aides, visiting nurses, and other professionals, it can also reduce the cost of other long-term care options. In fact, in-home hospice care can be far more affordable for several months or even years than nursing home care or other options.

Home care agencies and providers who understand the benefits of hospice may take an active role in reducing the stigma far too many people may have these days about it.




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