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In the News

January 25, 2019

Letter to the Editor: Grateful for Care Dimensions
Watertown Tab
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There is a valuable resource available to our community.

Care Dimensions is an organization which provides support for advanced illness. They helped my family tremendously during the last weeks of my mother's life. I initially consulted them for palliative care due to her worsening health and mobility issues. Feeling exhausted and overwhelmed, I was relieved when a nurse came out for a consult. After seeing my mother, she told my brother and me that she felt she was a candidate for hospice. She thought she was in heart failure.

That was July 31st. My mother died on August 15th. She was 98 years old.

We attempted to keep my mother at home but after about a week of little to no sleep for both me and my mother, one nurse recommended we look at the new Care Dimensions Hospice House in Lincoln to stabilize my mother’s pain and symptoms so that she could eventually return home. My brother and I visited the new hospice facility and were impressed with inpatient hospice care and beautiful home-like atmosphere.

At one point the doctor asked if it was more important that she be able to be conscious to communicate with us or be comfortable. We opted for the latter.

I can't describe the excruciating grief I endured when my mother died, but the comfort and care provided by Care Dimensions helped us get through it. Hospice gave me the chance to be a daughter, to stroke my mother's hair, hold her hand and tell her I loved her.

Since my mother's death, Care Dimensions has continued to provide support through counseling, bereavement groups and a powerful Writing from the Heart of Grief weekly workshop.

I encourage others who may be feeling lost and alone to look into Care Dimensions to help provide quality care, understanding and empathy for anyone suffering from an advanced illness.

Grief does not end overnight but continues. There is no timeline for healing from a loss but there is a time when we need to let others lift us up. Care Dimensions has been a great solace and one for which I am extremely grateful.

Linda Glazer


Since 1978, Care Dimensions has provided comprehensive and compassionate care for individuals and families dealing with life-threatening illnesses. As the non-profit leader in advanced illness care, we offer services in more than 95 communities in Eastern Massachusetts.