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In the News

May 4, 2015

Patients salute their nurses in these heartfelt messages
Boston Globe Salute to Nurses, 2015
Lisa Carey, RN, Care Dimensions 
—Nominated by Mary Fish

Ten months ago, my seven-month-old son, Teddy Fish, passed away in my arms. It was, and will always be, the most difficult time of my life. Family gathered around my bed sobbing as our little angle lost his battle with Menkes.

Our Care Dimensions nurse, Lisa Carey, was part of that family. Choosing Care Dimensions for a terminally ill child was an incredibly difficult decision. After months of hospital stays, testing, and needle sticks, we decided enough was enough. Lisa came into our house, sat on the floor, and played with my son. She treated him like the precious little boy he was, not like the rare diseased object so many doctors and nurses had. She snuggled him, cared for him, and loved him. She made my entire family comfortable and confident that we had made the right decision. With Lisa around, Teddy was in the best possible hands, and even Teddy knew it. He was stingy with his smiles, reserving them for only the best and brightest in his life. For Lisa, he lit up like a Christmas tree.

For months, she came in and out of our home, making sure Teddy was comfortable and had everything he needed. Lisa wasn’t just taking care of Teddy, though. She was taking care of his entire family. When so many people couldn’t find the right words, especially concerning a dying child, Lisa had them all.

Patricia Burnham, RN, The Kaplan Family Hospice House
—Nominated by Nerissa Wallen

I can’t say enough good about the Kaplan House in general, and Pattie, in particular. Our original plan was to transition my mom from the hospital to a local nursing home with hospice support, but there weren’t any beds. We were uneasy with going to a hospice house but Pattie changed that within minutes of our arrival.

When I came around the corner to the nurses’ station that first night, she stood up, introduced herself, and said, “I knew you were Nancy’s daughter. You look a lot like her.” My mother had been Pattie’s third grade teacher decades before and she had recognized the name. Pattie took time to put me at ease, asking how I was doing with the situation and talking about what to expect.

Pattie welcomed Mom warmly and made her feel at home. She helped eliminate all the unnecessary medication that we had struggled with in the hospital and she spent time with both me and my father to talk about how we were feeling and how we could help Mom pass in the best way possible.

The day Mom passed, there was a major snowstorm and Dad stayed over at Kaplan. Pattie and the other staff made sure that Dad was well taken care of and had everything he needed during that time. We were only at Kaplan for a little over three days and Pattie was only there for a shift and a half of that time, but she touched our family for a lifetime and we are so grateful.

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