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A hearing-impaired hospice patient talks with his Care Dimensions aide while using a Pocketalker hearing amplifier, which was funded by The Parmenter Foundation.

The Parmenter Foundation Awards Care Dimensions $25K

February 8, 2023

WALTHAM, Mass. – Care Dimensions, the largest hospice and palliative care provider in Massachusetts, is pleased to announce it received a $25,800 grant from The Parmenter Foundation to fund several programs that help elevate social engagement, care and support for hospice patients and their loved ones. They include:

Uber Health Rides – Provides free, reliable transportation for residents of MetroWest whose loved ones are on Care Dimensions hospice service either at home or at the Care Dimensions Hospice House in Lincoln. This service ensures family caregivers, who do not drive or cannot afford a means of transportation, can visit their loved one who is on their end-of-life journey.

Mobile Integrated Health Program – For hospice patients experiencing urgent pain and symptom escalations during nights and weekends. This service allows for a quicker response time and management of symptoms therefore helping to reduce emergency room visits and hospitalizations.  

Virtual Reality – Allows hospice patients to take virtual tours to places that are special to them or places they’ve wanted to visit but are no longer able to do so. These experiences help revive joyful memories, encourage life review, and create (or recreate) an experience a patient can share with loved ones. 

Pocketalkers – These hearing amplification devices, which The Parmenter Foundation has previously supported, help hearing-impaired hospice patients remain engaged with loved ones, personal interests, and their hospice team.

“We are so proud to partner with Care Dimensions to be able to help ensure MetroWest families can experience comfort and support through cutting-edge technology and innovative programs, while receiving high-quality hospice care,” said Angela Crocker, executive director of The Parmenter Foundation.

“Keeping patients connected and engaged enhances their overall sense of well-being and can reduce feelings of isolation and anxiety. We are so grateful to The Parmenter Foundation for our shared mission of providing compassionate end-of-life care for those facing a serious illness.” said Lyn Skarmeas, Care Dimensions vice president and chief strategy officer.


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