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HomeMD Brings the Doctor to You

When you step into Ed Packard’s living room, his love for national parks and the old American frontier is all around you: a painting of cowboys on horseback, an image of bison in a field, antique rifles hung along the walls.

“I love the West; love to travel,” said Ed, who has visited 48 states over the years (never getting to Oregon or Colorado). “There was a time, if someone asked me to get in the car, I wouldn’t hesitate. It didn’t matter where we were going. I’d drive anywhere.”

Ed, who turns 93 this August, lives in Beverly with his wife Ann. A coppersmith by trade, Ed opened “The Tin Shop” in town back in 1955. The custom metal workshop is still open today, specializing in items like weathervanes and finials.

Unfortunately, Ed’s travel days are behind him. A problem with his hip began limiting his mobility four years ago. He now relies on a walker to get around, but it’s slow-going. The pain was so bad this past autumn, that he told his primary care doctor of 20 years, Dr. Tina Waugh, that he was likely going to have to stop seeing her. The process of just getting to the doctor’s office and then walking into an exam room was becoming too much.

“I told Ed, ‘Hold that thought,’” recalled Dr. Waugh. “I might have a solution for this.’”

Dr. Waugh was leaving her private practice to join Care Dimensions, specifically HomeMD, which is an in-home primary care service designed for patients exactly like Ed, who have a hard time getting to the doctor.

“I’ve known Ed and his family for decades, so it means a lot to be able to continue on with him in this new role with HomeMD,” said Dr. Waugh. “Bringing primary care to individuals where they live fills the gap of care for those who have difficulty leaving their homes due to limited mobility and health concerns. I’m excited to be a part of this experienced team.”

For Ed, the idea of staying with Dr. Waugh was a no-brainer.

“I love her as a doctor,” said Ed. “She smart as a whip. And she’s so pleasant to be around.”

Ed’s wife Ann is also grateful to have HomeMD.

“He’s in his 90s. I’m in my 80s. I was having a hard time getting him to his appointments,” said Ann. “Being able to stay with Dr. Waugh, and having her come to the house, it’s just worked out great.”

“It’s just like the old days,” added Ed. “The doctor used to make house calls. Now, they do again.”

Our HomeMD service is available in select communities north of Boston. It is ideal for patients who may be physically fragile, suffer from memory loss, or are managing complex chronic conditions. To learn more about becoming a patient, visit CareDimensions.org/HomeMD

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