Care Dimensions: Crosby Family Carries on Henry’s Fine Foods’ Tradition with Care Dimensions

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Crosby Family Carries on Henry’s Fine Foods’ Tradition with Care Dimensions

Posted on September 26, 2019 by Rebecca Brackett

Employees of Crosby’s Markets and Henry’s Fine Foods participate in the Care Dimensions Walk for Hospice as ‘Dave’s Team,’ named in memory of former Crosby’s Markets’ President David Crosby.

In 2015, the Crosby Family acquired Henry’s Fine Foods and, like Henry’s, the Crosby family had a tradition of supporting local organizations. Henry’s Fine Foods had a long-standing relationship with Care Dimensions and the Crosby family pledged to continue it. Each week, Henry’s delivered food to the Kaplan Family Hospice House and every year at the Walk for Hospice, Henry’s supplied all of the food and refreshments.

Henry’s Grocery Manager for the past 36 years, Lou Constaza, takes pride in his role of coordinating and delivering all of the food to the Walk for Hospice. “This was a great commitment that the original owner, John Keohane, started and we pledged to continue this tradition,” said Chris Crosby, president of Crosby’s Markets.

Crosby’s Markets has been a family-owned business operating on the North Shore and Greater Boston area since 1980. Originally founded by Jim Crosby, and now operated by his son, Chris, Crosby’s Market has always taken pride in serving their local communities. In February 2015, an exciting opportunity arose for the Crosby family to purchase Henry’s Fine Foods. The intentions and desires that the Crosby family had when purchasing Henry’s Fine Foods were to preserve the quality of the store by retaining all existing employees, recipes, baking operations and traditions that had helped to make Henry’s a successful community store. With their vow to continue Henry’s commitment to helping the local communities, came the continuation of the relationship between Henry’s and Care Dimensions.

Family received hospice support

Sadly, in July of 2015, the Crosby family became much more familiar with Care Dimensions’ services when David Crosby, the former president of Crosby’s Markets, became a patient at the Kaplan House in Danvers. “We were able to truly experience the support and services that Care Dimensions offered for our family, and we are forever grateful for them,” said Chris Crosby. This experience resulted in the Crosby family becoming even more involved in the Walk for Hospice. Now, along with supplying all of the food, Crosby’s Markets and Henry’s Fine Foods participate in the Walk for Hospice.

 “As a sign of respect for our lost leader and a way to show our gratitude for hospice, we came together as a group and have taken part in the Walk each year as ‘Dave’s Team.’” Crosby’s encourages all their employees to take part in the Walk for Hospice and allows them to wear their Walk for Hospice shirts to work to help spread awareness.

As the Crosby family continues Henry’s Fine Foods’ support of Care Dimensions, the Walk for Hospice has a deeper meaning for them. “It is a great event for all of us to remember Dave on this day and how much he meant to us all,” said Chris. All of Henry’s support helps to make the Walk a successful event that many people can come to and enjoy in remembrance of their loved ones.

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Rebecca Brackett is a temporary marketing associate with Care Dimensions.

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