Care Dimensions: Hospice Transformed Partnership for Bank VP

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Hospice Transformed Partnership for Bank VP

Posted on September 2, 2020 by Rebecca Brackett

Paddy Morris and Matt Martin show National Grand Bank's support for the Care Dimensions Walk for Hospice.

Since 1995, National Grand Bank in Marblehead has supported Care Dimensions as a way to ensure that compassionate hospice care is available to all who need it in their community.

For bank Vice President Laura Best and the Christensen family, that need came in 2011 when her mother became seriously ill. Familiar with Care Dimensions through its longstanding relationship with her employer, Laura knew where to turn for help.

“At the time, our mother was not doing well, but when Care Dimensions came into her nursing home, everything changed.”  Laura recalls. “The Care Dimensions staff really focused on her medical needs. Trained volunteers also spent time playing the harp and reading to her, and that truly put her at peace when it was her time to go.”

As a Walk for Hospice sponsor, National Grand Bank values its longtime partnership with Care Dimensions and supports the organization’s important role in the community.

“I know that besides my own family, so many others in the community and our own workplace are able to benefit from the care that Care Dimensions provides,” says Laura. “I have been with the bank for 44 years and have seen many cases of tragedy within our team, including the loss of our President, Randy Goodwin. I know the positive impact that hospice care gives people during those times, and we’re proud to support that.”

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Rebecca Brackett is a temporary marketing associate with Care Dimensions.

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