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Spirit of Generosity Lives On

“There was a lot of joy in her life. She was upset about leaving the world that she loved so much,” recalls Dr. Bruce Pastor about his wife Joyce.

He was in medical school when they met; she was a college sophomore. They married after she graduated, had three children together, and later welcomed 4 granddaughters.

Bruce says Joyce was always kind and dedicated to her family and friends. She had a vibrant personality and was always looking for ways to help others and give back to her community. 

In 2020, Joyce was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. Bruce retired from his job as a physician so that he could support her during her lengthy treatment regimen. After a courageous battle, they eventually received news that the treatments were no longer effective.

“After having valiantly endured chemotherapy for two years, the disease was progressing very rapidly. The doctors were telling us there was not much else we could do,” recalls Bruce. “She came to me and said, ‘I think it’s time to call hospice.’”

Care Dimensions was asked to meet with Joyce and the family to discuss the services hospice could provide them during this time. At first, Joyce stayed at home, with nurses and aides regularly coming in to offer care and support, and Bruce serving as the primary caregiver. But as her symptoms worsened, Joyce, her family and the hospice team decided the best place to manage her symptoms was the Care Dimensions Hospice House in Lincoln, which offers 24/7 specialized medical care.

“The moment we got there, Joyce got the peace she deserved,” said cousin and lifelong friend Alexandra Statland.  “And after a hectic time, I think we all got the peace we needed. We could focus on being there for her and let the medical team focus on her care.”

Having been a practicing physician for over 50 years, Bruce wanted to ensure his wife was getting the absolute best care from the medical team at the house.

“You might say I was quizzing them on the care she would receive,” said Bruce. “But it was evident right away that they knew what they were doing. I immediately experienced firsthand the expertise and professionalism of all the staff.  

“And the setting could not have been more perfect for what we needed. It’s in such a peaceful location. And when you look around inside, you see how well it’s set up for patients and their loved ones.”

“In a time of great despair, it was so helpful,” added longtime friend LeeAnn Yolin.

Bruce and Joyce were close to celebrating their 55th wedding anniversary when she passed away in August 2022.

An active member of the Weston community, Joyce was dedicated to her faith and was involved in many charities over the years. It was important to her and her family that, after she died, the charitable giving continued. A substantial gift was given to the family’s synagogue in Wayland. And a similar gift was given in Joyce’s name to support the mission at the Care Dimensions Hospice House.

“This donation is really about Joyce and the type of person she was in the community,” said LeeAnn. “It’s the ultimate honor to have this donation in her name. And I know she is looking down on us and cheering on the generosity she’s seeing.”

Learn more about the Care Dimensions Hospice House and the Kaplan Family Hospice House.

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