Care Dimensions: Hospice Aide's Thoughtfulness Improves Patients' Quality of Life

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Hospice Aide's Thoughtfulness Improves Patients' Quality of Life

Posted on June 20, 2019 by Care Dimensions

Hillary Fortin, Care Dimensions evening hospice aide

Care Dimensions Evening Hospice Aide Hillary Fortin knows that little gestures often can mean a lot to patients and their families who want to make every moment count. 

In addition to helping patients with personal care needs, feeding, and getting ready for bed, Hillary brings comfort, compassion, and kindness that can enhance a patient’s quality of life.  

In June 2019, Hillary received Care Dimensions’ “Excellence in Caring” recognition for employees or teams who have gone above and beyond to improve the quality of care for a patient or family. 

“Hillary has such an upbeat and gentle presence that soothes her patients,” said Mary Lee, director of continuity of care, who nominated Hillary for the recognition. “We get great feedback from families about Hillary’s care and kindness toward their loved ones.”

Hospice’s mission in action

One of Hillary’s patients has a daughter who is getting married and has planned a beach-themed wedding.

“Hilary knew how much it would mean to the daughter to have a little piece of her mother be with her on her special day,” said Mary. “She knew the daughter was having a beach-themed wedding, so she got a special type of ink and dipped the patient’s fingertip and placed it inside of a shell. Then she brought the shell to her friend who makes jewelry and got a hole drilled into the shell so it could be added to a ribbon and attached to the daughter’s bouquet. The daughter was so touched by Hilary’s act of kindness and thoughtfulness. That’s an unbelievably special memory that daughter will have for the rest of her life.”

“The seashell was such a thoughtful gesture and a treasured bridal keepsake,” said Care Dimensions President and CEO Pat Ahern.  “Hillary is a role model of our mission in action.”

“I am humbled to receive this recognition,” said Hillary. “I have been working in healthcare for over 20 years, and I have worked in most clinical aspects of it, including hospitals, doctors’ offices, home care, long-term care and other settings. Hospice is my true passion and I honestly love what I do.”

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