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Living Out Her Passion as a Care Dimensions Hospice Aide

Posted on June 17, 2020 by Rebecca Brackett

Care Dimensions Hospice Aide Veronica Torres, CNA

At age 13, after her father lost his battle with cancer, Veronica Torres of Fitchburg, MA, knew she wanted a career where she could help others during their end-of-life journey. She wanted to spend time with patients and help them be comfortable and make the most of every day.

Introduction to hospice care 

After her first job as a certified nursing assistant (CNA) working in private care, she realized she wanted to be able to interact more with patients. A friend introduced Veronica to a career in hospice care, and she soon found her passion as a hospice aide.

“I wasn’t able to physically be there with my father when he passed,” Veronica recalls, “so I want to be there for my patients so they aren’t alone. I want to hold their hand, talk to them and make them happy. Being a hospice aide, I am able to do that and I love it.”

Veronica has been a CNA in Massachusetts for 25 years - 20 of which have been in hospice care. She recently joined the Care Dimensions team after speaking with some friends who had recommended it. She provides personal care for Care Dimensions hospice patients at Robbins Brook Nursing Home in Acton, MA.

Spending time with patients

“Working with Care Dimensions, I can get to know patients and spend time with them, and I never have to rush,” Veronica says. “I work to give them whatever they need to be happy and be comfortable. When I see my patients smile, it is the most rewarding feeling.

“To be a CNA, it takes heart and courage,” Veronica continues. “People are afraid to be with someone who is dying; to actually want to be there during that time takes courage and a caring heart.” Mary Pillay, who is Veronica’s manager and worked with her previously at another hospice notes, “She is a very kind and sweet hospice aide who is always compassionate and caring towards her patients. I have nothing but praise for her, and I love working with her.”

Veronica says she loves her job and is happy to have joined Care Dimensions.

“The company treats me with respect, professionalism, and understanding,” Veronica explains. “My supervisors are my backbone and are always there if I need anything.”

Care Dimensions has been taking extra precautions during the COVID-19 pandemic to ensure the safety of all staff and patients. “I receive the PPE (personal protective equipment) that I need every day,” Veronica says. “If I ever need extra, I pick up the phone and call, and they get it right to me. I am so happy to be working for a company that cares about me. I know I am safe and supported, which allows me to focus on caring for my patients. That’s what I am meant to do and I love doing it.”  


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Rebecca Brackett is a marketing intern for Care Dimensions.


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