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Caring with Confidence

Knowledge is power. It's easier to prepare for and accept the journey ahead when you know what to expect. Care Dimensions provides a comprehensive patient and family guide to hospice care to all patients recieving care at their home. The guide provides information about safety in the home, medication safety, how to provide daily care, and what to expect at end of life, as well as other tips. All home care patients receive a copy of the guide at admission or you can view a PDF here.

Families may also want to review our booklet, What to Expect at End of Life.


Want to learn more about caring for your loved one at home? Download a copy of Caring with Confidence: The Patient and Family Guide to Hospice Care.

Support Group

Are you feeling overwhelmed with stress at times as you try to manage your loved ones care and your own conflicting feelings of anticipatory grief? Join us the second Monday of the month. Call 855-774-5100 or email [email protected] for additional info.

tips for caregivers

Is your loved one restless or agitated? Download this information sheet for some tips to help.


24-Hour Support System

Care Dimensions provides nurses on duty 24 hours a day to meet our patients' and caregivers' needs. Please call 888-283-1722 at any time if you have any questions or need help.

Caregiver Support Videos

Care Dimensions has produced a series of short videos for caregivers to help them feel more confident in providing care and to give them tips on what they can do to make their loved one more comfortable.

Does your loved one appreciate music? Our Music Therapy team has produced a series of videos on how to best share music with older adults. This includes tips on selecting music, positioning the room and even how to find free music online.

Remember, you can call our Nursing Support Line at 888-283-1722 at any time if you need help or have questions.

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