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Care Dimensions' hospice nurse residents receive extensive training, including patient care that is overseen by a preceptor.
Care Dimensions' hospice nurse residents receive extensive training, including patient care that is overseen by a preceptor.

Hospice Nurse Residency Grads Gain Skills, Confidence

Posted on April 27, 2022 by Lisa Conti

Care Dimensions' innovative nurse residency program offers a comprehensive on-the-job learning opportunity on how to care for hospice patients. Whether participating in the program as a new nursing graduate for six months or as an experienced nurse for three months, residents agree the training is second to none and prepares them well to become a hospice RN case manager.

Four recent graduates of the program share their key takeaways from the residency and what it’s like to start their new careers.

What part of the hospice nurse residency program especially appealed to you?

“I knew that hospice was an intricate specialty that required a lot of knowledge and skill. I liked the combination of in-class teaching, shadowing, skills training, and then having a preceptor out in the field. It felt like a natural progression of learning, and I could tell that Care Dimensions spent a lot of time and energy investing in their new grads.”
- Madison Owen, RN Case Manager, Greater Boston
Graduated from the UMass Lowell School of Nursing in December 2020 and worked for four years as an aide at a hospice house in New Hampshire.

“The education I got – through books and talking to Care Dimensions staff – was invaluable. I can’t stress enough how much I learned. No other hospice offers what Care Dimensions does for education – not even close.”
- Michelle White, RN Case Manager, Greater Boston
Previously worked in a hospital as an RN, anesthesia technician, and certified nursing assistant.

What are the main lessons you learned from the residency?

“The biggest lessons that I learned in this residency are to manage your time efficiently and take notes when people give you tips about being a case manager. You will not be able to remember everything, so writing notes will be helpful, especially once you are in the field. When you are on your own for most of the day, it is easy to feel alone, but I have never felt this way at Care Dimensions. Someone is always a call or text away to help if you need it.”
- Molly Boudreau, RN Case Manager, North Shore
Graduated from Salem State University’s nursing program in May 2021, and previously worked as a certified nursing assistant in long-term care facilities.

“Reach out for help when you need it and know who to go to for those answers. There are so many experts on Care Dimensions’ staff to go to for support, which is huge because we (nurse residency graduates) are seeing patients on our own now. I’m still learning. If I don’t have the answer to a question, I tell patients and families that I will find out.”
- Talia Cramer, RN Case Manager, Greater Boston
Graduated from Simmons University School of Nursing in May 2021; previously earned a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology (focus on Gerontology) and worked as a home health aide/certified nursing assistant in facilities.

Why did you apply to the Hospice Nurse Residency Program?

“I knew the hospital wasn’t my home and I was interested in doing home care. I had taken care of many hospice patients (as a CNA) and a lot of these people held a special place in my heart. The more I learned about hospice and Care Dimensions' philosophies, the more I knew that I needed to be here.”
- Molly Boudreau

“Time with loved ones is important. People don’t realize what a gift that can be – you never know what will happen. Seven years ago, my son, who was 24, died in an accident. My mother-in-law died of pancreatic cancer. There’s something I get that a lot of people don’t understand. Dying is such a scary thing – having someone who is willing to talk about it and help you get through it is a good thing.”
- Michelle White

“I had a passion for caring for people at end of life and I wanted to gain further knowledge and support on how to do that well. I absolutely loved working as an aide in hospice before graduating and I wanted to get back to that.”
- Madison Owen

What would you tell someone who is considering applying for the Hospice Nurse Residency Program?

“Take the time to learn about the program. It’s worth it and I’m happy I did because now I’m part of the company. I was in the middle of exams during the application period. My professor at Simmons had recommended the residency program and pushed me to apply. I realize it’s hard to do because nursing school is a full-time job, but there IS a future outside of nursing school! I’m glad I took this opportunity – it’s the gold standard for hospice residency programs.”
- Talia Cramer

Learn more about Care Dimensions’ Hospice Nurse Residency Program.

About the author
Lisa Conti is Senior Marketing Communications Specialist for Care Dimensions and manages its Voices of Care blog.


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