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You're Doing a Good Thing, Young Lady

Seven years ago, Elaine Champagne’s Uncle Henri passed away at the Kaplan Family Hospice House surrounded by his family and the music he loved. “There were no bright lights or machines beeping through the night,” said Elaine. Instead, the environment was comforting, serene and supportive. “It was what my uncle needed at that time in his life.”

When Elaine lost her parents at a young age she “adopted” her Uncle Henri and his wife Madeline. As the years advanced, Elaine became the main caregiver for Henri and also his healthcare agent. Together they shared a wonderful bond, fortified by love of family and of history. Henri, an avid student of genealogy, traced the Champagne family roots back to 1619. “He was so proud of his family history and of his service to his country, including being a survivor of Pearl Harbor,” recalls Elaine.

At 86, Henri’s health took a steep decline, complicated by idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis. He was in and out of hospitals and Elaine remembers him being hooked up to machines. Something he didn’t want. Being familiar with Care Dimensions (formerly Hospice of the North Shore & Greater Boston), Elaine and her uncle decided that care at the Kaplan House was the best option for him. “The staff and everyone at the Kaplan House treated my uncle with dignity and respect. They were genuinely interested in his wishes,” said Elaine. “Being able to share this time with my uncle was the most profound experience of my life,” she said.

Reflecting back on the end of life experiences within her circle of family and friends, Elaine felt compelled to help ensure that others have the benefit of hospice care when they need it. “Since we don’t have children, my husband and I wanted to make a meaningful contribution through planned giving to Care Dimensions. “Our exposure to Care Dimensions allowed us to see that there is a better way to care for someone at the end of their life. And we want to support that care,” said Elaine.

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