Care Dimensions: Giving Back to Community Through Walk for Hospice

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Giving Back to Community Through Walk for Hospice

Posted on September 3, 2019 by David Delande

David Delande (left) with his pet therapy dog, CoCo, and his brother, Rick, and son, Matt, get ready for the Care Dimensions Walk for Hospice.

My family’s business, Peabody-based Delande Supply Co. Inc., has sponsored the Walk for Hospice for many years, but supporting Care Dimensions has a much deeper meaning for me. 

In 2003, when my father became ill and needed hospice care at home, my family and I chose to use Care Dimensions. Being young and healthy, I did not know about hospice or the amount of care, attendance and kindness that was offered by the staff at Care Dimensions. After seeing my father receive great hospice care, I soon realized that many other people in our community could benefit from this organization’s work. 

Shortly after my father’s passing, when the opportunity came for our company to work on the electrical construction of the new Care Dimensions’ Kaplan Family Hospice House, I jumped at the chance to support Care Dimensions.

During Delande Supply’s time working on the Kaplan House, my eyes were opened to a part of the community with which I had minimum knowledge and experience. But as I worked on the house and interacted with some of the staff, I saw how much they positively impacted the community. As an owner of a family-run company that has been in business for over 100 years, I know that our success has only been accomplished by the support we’ve received from the community. Therefore, it is very important for us to give back to this community. And knowing the great ways that Care Dimensions helps the community, becoming a Walk for Hospice sponsor was a natural fit for Delande.

A deeper commitment to Care Dimensions

My relationship with the Walk for Hospice went further than that, however. In addition to Delande Supply’s sponsorship, I became a walker at the event. I wanted to walk to support hospice, and I am so glad that I did. I arrived alone but came back with many friends and truly enjoyed the Walk. I kept walking for many years because it was fun, and it supported such a great cause.

In 2017, when my mother needed hospice services, I knew exactly whom to call. A Care Dimensions aide was with my mom the next day and every day up until the day that she passed. The staff members from Care Dimensions who helped my mom were so caring, kind and respectful and did everything they could to make her as comfortable as possible. Once again, I got to experience the care and comfort that Care Dimensions gave, to not only my mom, but to my family as well. Having these personal interactions with Care Dimensions made me realize how my support of this organization was helping the community.

I have truly enjoyed my involvement with Care Dimensions, and recently became a pet therapy volunteer. I am happy to support Care Dimensions and our community as an individual and a business owner, and I look forward to continuing the relationship with this wonderful organization that helps so many people.

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About the author

David Delande is CEO of Delande Supply Co., Inc.

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