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Podcast: Concepts of Grief and Loss

Posted on March 10, 2020 by Mia Buscone

In this episode of the Care Dimensions Learning Institute's podcast of Living Forever, Not an Option, our hosts, Lyn Skarmeas and Mary Crowe, touch upon the realities of dealing with grief and loss and ways that we can care for each other during those difficult times. Whether you are in hospice care, have a loved one who is living with an advanced illness or have recently experienced a loss in your life, this episode explains that grief is unique and natural. We may try to repress our grief because the feelings are so painful, but loss is a part of life and grief is a necessary part of the healing process.

Grief is not solely related to the death of a person but occurs when we experience any loss. Other reasons why we might grieve include loss of a job, decline in health, or the loss of a friendship. “Grief is the emotional reaction to a loss," says Mary. "Mourning is the outward expression of grief.” Mary and Lyn explain that there are many types of grief and each experience is unique to the individual. The other types of grief explored in this episode include: anticipatory grief, complicated grief, and disenfranchised grief. Your grief journey is as unique as any other journey in life. It is important not to set expectations for the way you or someone you love should grieve. Instead, you should allow yourself to feel the way you need to feel.  

Care Dimensions can help families and patients with anticipatory grief as well as developing “tools for our toolbelt to help us through the challenging times,”  says Mary. Hospice is not just for the patient, but for the whole family. Hospice tends to the spirit, mind and body event. "Death is not merely a medical event," explained Mary, when talking about the importance of hospice resources. Care Dimensions offers comprehensive grief support for anyone in the community dealing with a loss in their life. Services are provided at the Bertolon Center for Grief and Healing in Danvers, our Waltham offices and at locations throughout our service area. For more info, visit

Grief has no time frame; and the goal is not to “get over it” but rather for it to become more tolerable over time.

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About the author:
Mia Buscone is a marketing assistant working with the Care Dimensions Learning Institute.

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