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Podcast: Living Well, Making Every Moment Count

Posted on February 20, 2020 by Veronica Giarla

Episode 5 of Care Dimensions Learning Institute's podcast of Living Forever, Not an Option is all about living well, what gets in the way and how we can incorporate techniques or approaches that can positively influence our life, healthcare and overall quality of life. In this insightful episode, our hosts Lyn Skarmeas and Mary Crowe provide meaningful and positive tips and philosophies that can bring a sense of well-being, laughter and comfort even in difficult times.

Living well can mean different things to different people, but there are also shared thoughts or ideas that can affect our lives for the better. One example is how we approach each day, setting the tone early can influence the type of day you have and the ways that you interact with others. Mary explains that an important aspect to living well is connecting to one another and building a strong support network. This connection can be through family, friends, colleagues, religious or civic rights organizations, etc. Another point that is stressed in the podcast is taking care of yourself and reaching out for help when you need it. This can be a challenge, but with the right resources and support system self-care can be more easily obtained.

Mary and Lyn continued the discussion with helpful tips to tackle the challenge of living well, especially when faced with an advanced or serious illness. Life can be challenging and filled with many obstacles; how we respond to those challenges is a critical component. Asking for or willingness to accept help is a huge strength and knowing that there are support groups, individual counseling and other resources can bring a huge sense of relief to an individual and their loved ones.

A major take away from this podcast is that we can strive to live well regardless of age or illness. Mary and Lyn discuss the barriers that life creates that can get in the way. These barriers, our hosts argue, can be evaluated and can challenge us to think of ways to incorporate peace, joy and well-being into our lives. We should all strive to live well for however long we have.

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About the author:
Veronica Giarla is a marketing assistant working with the Care Dimensions Learning Institute.

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