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10 Benefits of Hospice Massage

Posted on October 22, 2021 by Alison Powers, LMT

In observance of National Massage Therapy Awareness Week, Care Dimensions Massage Therapist Alison Powers shares 10 benefits of hospice massage. ...

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How I Went From Blues-ville to Feeling Blessed

Posted on February 9, 2021 by Alison Powers, LMT

A hospice massage therapist shares how she gets through these unusually tough times of the COVID-19 pandemic, and how you may have better days, too. ...

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Podcast: Complementary Therapies Enhance Well-Being at End of Life

Posted on April 2, 2020 by Mia Buscone

In this latest episode of our podcast Living Forever, Not an Option, our hosts Mary Crowe and Lyn Skarmeas talk about the benefits of complementary therapies. ...

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Hospice Massage Therapist: ‘It’s OK to Say Goodbye’

Posted on November 6, 2018 by Nancy Davan LMT, NCBTMB, ARCB, MMT

It is an emotional, compassionate and sincere opportunity to make a difference for people who need help during a very emotional and delicate time. We touch their hearts as they touch ours. ...

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Committed to Volunteering, Making a Difference

Posted on September 14, 2018 by Anne Williams

In 1980, she made a commitment to improve the lives and deaths of people with terminal illnesses and she continues to live out that commitment today. Volunteers at the Kaplan Family Hospice House say that Gail’s sense of humor and her kindness are evident in her interactions with patients and fellow volunteers. ...

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From Hospital Nurse to Hospice Reiki Volunteer

Posted on August 14, 2018 by Joan Charette, RN

I am a nurse. I worked at North Shore Medical Center (formerly Salem Hospital) for 43 years, and I liked making connections with patients. While at the hospital, I observed a nurse who was a Reiki master. I saw how she calmed patients through Reiki. I told her that I was interested in learning Reiki and then began classes with her. ...

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What My Dog Taught Me About End of Life

Posted on December 26, 2017 by Andrea Gwosdow

Maxie was a therapy dog for more than 14 years and made over 300 visits, including trips to homes of Care Dimensions hospice patients. Watching how people responded to Maxie was a rewarding experience that I will always treasure. ...

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18 Lessons of a Hospice Massage Therapist

Posted on June 2, 2017 by Susan Coffey, LMT

During my professional life as a massage therapist, many moments have touched my heart and reaffirmed my choice of careers, but none compare to those I have experienced while working with those who are dying. ...

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Pet Therapy Dog Tessie Brings Comfort to Hospice Patients

Posted on March 20, 2017 by Tessie Pet Therapy Dog

Wednesdays are the best day of the week! My human says in a cheerful voice, "Do you want to go to the Kaplan House and put smiles on people’s faces?" Off we go to visit patients at the Kaplan Family Hospice House in Danvers, sometimes sporting a decorative outfit in addition to my harness and leash. ...

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My Introduction to Reiki

Posted on August 25, 2016 by Lisa Conti

Before I started working for Care Dimensions, I had a vague idea of what Reiki was, as I recalled my massage therapist talking about a treatment she had a few years ago. She said the Reiki practitioner uses a very light touch to transfer energy that relaxes you and can have healing benefits. ...

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